Butterlamp hut

Exclusively listed here a person will always be desired, coupled with best online pokies australia 2019 there are no the same! We offer you the most exclusive itineraries to capture the best of Bhutan. Everyone calls it the world’s last ‘Shangri-La’. well; seeing is believing! You will get to decide that when you sip a cup of hot Himalayan java at Dochu-La, or have a peek at the lush valleys of Paro and Haa from the majestic Cheli-La pass.

The most exciting and engaging experience for anyone wanting to see the real Bhutan won’t be complete without trying our authentic Bhutanese food and interacting with the locals. Once again, with us, you will enjoy the firsthand experience at our Merik traditional Bhutanese farm house, exclusive to our clients. Should you desire to be more Bhutanese, then you must try our homegrown organic Emadatse (Chili Cheese) following the hot stone bath