Exclusively here you are normally encouraged, as well as best australian online pokies no deposit bonus you haven't any equivalent! While this may seem like sexual exploitation to many, but it’s quite different in the small conservative society in western Bhutan. Although people tend to shy away from discussing sexuality many prefer switching television channels whenever they come across sexual scenes, or don’t have the courage to go to a local medical store to purchase a pack of condoms. There is no censorship at all when it comes to the blessed gigantic erect penis drawn on the walls of many of our homes. We have religiously accepted this as part of our lives and this is one of the beauties of Bhutan’s culture.

The beautiful lady took this picture during one of her recent tour to the Chhimi Lhakhang temple in Punakha. A district in western Bhutan which served as the capital of Bhutan until 1955.

There are many reasons why Chhimi Lhakhang is in almost every visitor’s itinerary.The temple was built in the 15th century by saint Lama Drukpa Kunley also known as the Divine Madman. His way of teaching through humorous practical means reveals the true nature of Buddhism in its simplest form. There are many stories behind the cheerful flying phallus seen on many houses in Punakha. It is a tribute to the saint, whose presence protects one from the evil spirits.

Many locals frequent this temple to promote fertility, believed to be blessed by the wooden phallus from the shrine. Outsiders often wonder how the flying phalluses made it to the walls of our homes.

Traditionally, phalluses are suspended from the eves of the newly constructed houses to repel the evil spirits; however, this practice is diminishing in the urban towns where modern architecture dominates.

In one of the popular stories often heard in the villages, the saint is said to have proposed that his mother engages in a sexual relationship with him. After numerous requests his mother agreed, upon which he declared in public saying ‘if you insist, even a mother will agree’. These words of embarrassment are said to have freed her from the attachment to the illusory world and guided her to enlightenment.

(photo courtesy: Dawa and Abbiot Wong)The Flying Phallus